Development & Manufacture of Water Hydraulic Bathing Devices For Nursing & Welfare Facilities & Facilities for the Disabled

Water Hydraulic System Specifications'rakura'

Electrically-powered devices are more likely to experience problems when used in bathrooms.
Our product uses water hydraulic cylinders for lifting and lowering, eliminating worries over electrical issues.
The device quietly lifts and lowers slowly for the safety of both users and nurses.

Distribution Partner:Yaesu Co., Ltd.

Product Information

Fully Automated Bathing Device with a Wheelchair (Weight Limit: 100 kg)

Fully Automated Bathing Device

Manual Double-Sided Lifting Bathing Devicewith a Wheelchair (Weight Limit: 100 kg)

Manual Double-Sided Lifting Bathing Device



Intellectual Property Right (Patents)

Bathing Device Patent No. 5963802
Bathing Device Patent No. 5964898
Bath Tub Facility Patent No. 5926787
Bath Tub Utility Model Registration No. 3201917
Bathing Wheelchair Patent No. 6113689
Convertible Bathing Chair & Bed Patent No. 6232103

Application Partner: Yaesu Co., Ltd.

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For waterproof disaster preventionDesign & Manufacture of Water Hydraulic Cylinders For Opening & Closing Disaster Protection Water Barriers

Water pressure cylinder for waterproof gates for disaster prevention

These are water hydraulic barriers that use tap water to move. We developed them while focusing on direct and simple operation.
When you turn the lever to “Raise”, tap water pushes the piston inside the cylinder, propping up the water barrier panels.
When you turn the lever back to “Drop”, tap water pushes the piston inside the cylinder, bringing down the water barrier panels.
It doesn’t use any electricity and moves by relying only on the pressure of the flowing tap water.

Water Barrier Manufacturer:Ironworks Une Co., Ltd.

Special Features of the Opening & Closing Device on the ADS Water Barrier

Installing water barriers using the device at underground car park entrances and the like
will help you prepare for floods caused by sudden and heavy rains, typhoons, high tides, and tsunami.

No electrical power needed Since the device uses pressure from water in the water supply piping to prop up and bring down the water barrier panels, it can still function during emergencies and power outages.
User Friendliness Its operation only involves a lever, making it very simple and straightforward.
Manual Recovery Even if you can’t use pressure from the water pipes, the device has an assisting feature where you can use the manual recovery mechanism (a hand-pressed air pump).

Installation Examples

Underground Car Park Entrance

Underground Car Park Entrance

Mechanical Car Park Entrance

Mechanical Car Park Entrance

Main Entrance

Main Entrance

 Opening & Closing Device on the Water Barrier

For food processing machineryDesign & Manufacture of Water Hydraulic Cylinders For Food Processors, Meat Slicers & Presses, and Other Machines

  • Better food sanitation
  • Enables the cleaning of the entire food processor

*Regular food processors use pneumatics or electricity
 which require that cleaners avoid those areas when washing the device.

Water hydraulic cylinders can be washed, making them perfect for environments that require good hygiene.
They can be used for meat and other food processors

Water Hydraulic Cylinders For Food Processors, Meat Slicers & Presses

Expanding to New Markets & Looking for Innovation Partners

Field Examples Needs Business Policies
Medical & Welfare Bathing devices, wheelchair lifts, table lifters, Mckibben-style water hydraulic muscles Better hygiene, oil-free, simpler electrical wiring, can be placed anywhere, provides engineering assistance in the medical field New joint development projects with welfare, nursing, medical, and housing manufacturers.
Water Barriers & Disaster Prevention Water barrier panels, rescue equipment (high-pressure water hydraulic cutters, water hydraulic fire-fighting robots), water supply pipes No electricity needed, operated using water pipe pressure, places that need to avoid fires, places that need to avoid static electricity Expanding the market with an aim to expand its use
Food Meat slicers and presses, small water hydraulic presses Improvement in ability to wash machine, oil-free, smaller, energy-saving Finding manufacturers that use water hydraulic systems
Electricity Businesses Lifting & transportation devices (manual labor robots) Using water hydraulics (e.g. fuel transportation) in nuclear power plants, reducing the use of oil hydraulic devices in thermal power plants Joining the nuclear decommissioning business, applying water hydraulics in infrastructure businesses
Industrial Desalination devices, injection molding devices, aluminum water hydraulics for trench timbering Preventing the water filter extrusion mechanisms and oil spills from affecting product quality New joint development with resin molding businesses

An extract from the Japan Fluid Power Association Water Hydraulic Resources

We strive to advance partnerships and joint development with
companies that are interested in water hydraulics and expand the field of environmentally-friendly water hydraulic technology.

We look forward to hearing from companies and investors who have taken an interest in our endeavors

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